Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

So my family got me an Instant Pot for a wedding gift and I love it and so does my husband since I cook every day now since getting it. We currently in the middle of rewiring kitchen stove outlet so we can hook up our stove so this has been a dream. The instant pot is safer than the older pressure cookers because they have safety features added.

To make this dish I turned on the saute button and let it start warming up. While warming up started cutting up the celery, carrots and then tossed it in with some garlic. I let that cook a little while I cut the chicken up. I sliced chicken breasts into thin cuts. Since there is only 4 of us I only cut up 2 chicken breasts.

Finally, I tossed it in with a cup of rice and 2 cups of water. I think next time I will double up on rice there was more chicken than rice. I then put it on manual for 31 mins. It cooked the chicken, celery, and carrots with no issues.


Once it is done I release the steam and let it sit while finishes. Once out the lid will open. I really enjoy using the instant pot for things I normally use the crock pot for. I can see future holiday meals being pretty fast cooking with the instant pot and crock pot.

The end result tasted great and was fast easy and great budget friendly meal. Even had leftovers! Who doesn’t love leftovers?



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