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Toddler School

Around 26 months of age we started to give our son little projects to help him learn. He is now 2 1/2 and we don’t expect him to be reading or anything but we enjoy giving him the opportunity to learn new things. He loves singing his ABC’s and sign language to go along with the alphabet. We use youtube as a source to find new ways of teaching him things like the alphabet and counting.

Coloring and drawing are one of the things we enjoy doing together even if the walls end up covered in crayon markings I enjoy seeing him working his creativity. A wall can be cleaned, creativity needs to be fostered to allow him to grow and love learning.

I have been collecting books since I was pregnant with him. He loves to pick up books and point out the letters that he recognizes. He wasn’t always so vocal and wanting to learn. We got him a speech therapist when he was 2 years old because he wasn’t talking at all and the last 6 months he has just grown so much and loves learning.

Some things we do now to foster his love of learning and play.

LEGO time: When he sits down and plays with his LEGO I can see his face expressions and how he figures out how to get the LEGO to attach. Building the towers really high and then letting them fall is one of his favorite things. If he doesn’t want them to fall he gets frustrated and will work with it until he gets it to stand and then claps with excitement and that puts a smile on both of our faces.

Activity sheets:  Since he is still small I don’t expect him to follow the directions and do them perfectly. We mainly use the sheets to allow him to recognize colors, shapes, letters, numbers and animals. He will grow with them. All the stuff I get is from dollar tree, 5 below and free online print outs or ones I make for him.

Busy Bags: Whoever, invented the busy bag was a genius. Putting fun activities into a bag to take out and play on trips or on a quiet day is a great way to have a fun activity that isn’t all that messy or complex.

Reading: We do lots of reading if it is audio books or me reading out loud to him or him pointing at pictures while I read the book to him we both enjoy reading time.

Youtube videos: He loves youtube channels and there are many children educational videos I can recommend.

(I am not affiliated by these channels these channels are just ones my son enjoys)


Dave and Ava

Mrs. Patty    My sons favorite of hers is Phonics Song

These are just some of the things we do to help him learn. What do you do to help your toddler learn?