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Toddler School

Around 26 months of age we started to give our son little projects to help him learn. He is now 2 1/2 and we don’t expect him to be reading or anything but we enjoy giving him the opportunity to learn new things. He loves singing his ABC’s and sign language to go along with the alphabet. We use youtube as a source to find new ways of teaching him things like the alphabet and counting.

Coloring and drawing are one of the things we enjoy doing together even if the walls end up covered in crayon markings I enjoy seeing him working his creativity. A wall can be cleaned, creativity needs to be fostered to allow him to grow and love learning.

I have been collecting books since I was pregnant with him. He loves to pick up books and point out the letters that he recognizes. He wasn’t always so vocal and wanting to learn. We got him a speech therapist when he was 2 years old because he wasn’t talking at all and the last 6 months he has just grown so much and loves learning.

Some things we do now to foster his love of learning and play.

LEGO time: When he sits down and plays with his LEGO I can see his face expressions and how he figures out how to get the LEGO to attach. Building the towers really high and then letting them fall is one of his favorite things. If he doesn’t want them to fall he gets frustrated and will work with it until he gets it to stand and then claps with excitement and that puts a smile on both of our faces.

Activity sheets:  Since he is still small I don’t expect him to follow the directions and do them perfectly. We mainly use the sheets to allow him to recognize colors, shapes, letters, numbers and animals. He will grow with them. All the stuff I get is from dollar tree, 5 below and free online print outs or ones I make for him.

Busy Bags: Whoever, invented the busy bag was a genius. Putting fun activities into a bag to take out and play on trips or on a quiet day is a great way to have a fun activity that isn’t all that messy or complex.

Reading: We do lots of reading if it is audio books or me reading out loud to him or him pointing at pictures while I read the book to him we both enjoy reading time.

Youtube videos: He loves youtube channels and there are many children educational videos I can recommend.

(I am not affiliated by these channels these channels are just ones my son enjoys)


Dave and Ava

Mrs. Patty    My sons favorite of hers is Phonics Song

These are just some of the things we do to help him learn. What do you do to help your toddler learn?


We love making messes! Shaving Cream Paint!

We love messes!

Shaving cream paint is a fun way to make a mess and be creative all at once. Who doesn’t love colorful messes with their small children? I know I do!  We enjoy this activity so much it is a fun mess!

Shaving cream paint

I use watercolors because it gives a wide range of color mixing options. Who doesn’t enjoy more coloring options? I find it easier to remove from his hands if I use watercolors instead of food coloring. I just mix a small dot of the coloring into the bowls of shaving cream. It may take some time to get the color to come out and the more you add the darker it gets.There are so many places to buy watercolors on the cheap but also you can use anything such as food coloring, fruit coloring. You can also change it up and instead of shaving cream use yogurt a great idea for babies who don’t know how to keep their hands out of their mouth.

There are so many places to buy watercolors on the cheap but also you can use anything such as food coloring, fruit coloring. You can also change it up and instead of shaving cream use yogurt a great idea for babies who don’t know how to keep their hands out of their mouth.

Using something like cardboard instead of paper allows for a thicker painting area and won’t waste paper.

shaving cream paint

I would also use it in the bathtub it allows for faster clean up of toddler. Just because we enjoy messes doesn’t mean we enjoy cleaning them up. Sometimes you need a fast clean up when you want to have a fun day but need to get somewhere soon.

A simple project that allows for 30 minutes of fun!



Why I think every toddler needs an alphabet mat

Why I think every toddler needs an alphabet mat

So I been wanting to get my son an alphabet mat for awhile and finally got one. I pulled it out and started putting it together right away he started to take the letters out and put them back. He is only 2 (28 months old) so he doesn’t know the alphabet yet but he does really enjoy the puzzles. While watching him play with the mat I could see his little mind at work and this is why I think every toddler needs an alphabet mat


Alphabet Help

Hand and eye coordination 

Fun to play with

Soft area to play on


The Alphabet mat helps with learning the alphabet and the alphabet shape. I don’t think the order you put them in matters that much since when you read alphabet isn’t just a-z. I think learning the letter and not the spot can help them really learn the alphabet. They learn the letter and not memorize the location by singing the cadence in the song.

Hand and eye coordination are a really great reason to have the puzzle. By putting the letters in the right spot they are recognizing the letter, the letter shape and how to use their hands to put stuff together.

Having fun with them are a big part of why I love them so much. You can make cubes out of them and they are fun to toss around and since they are foam it isn’t hard on the house.

It creates a soft area for them to play on the soft foam is nice to sit on and great for hardwood floors.

Multipurpose as I said earlier you can make them into cubes. They can be stacked, tossed and used as a play mat. While also being a learning toy. I only have a few negative things to say about them they can get dirty easy and need to be wiped down with a very damp cloth. Since they are foam I wouldn’t use anything really wet or strong on them. The other con is that they are soft and if your toddler likes to chew things they would chew up the foam. I think best investment made.

We bought ours at Walmart if you like to buy online at Amazon. I provided a link.



Growing up with books, building home library.


Building a home library

Since my son was born I knew I wanted him to read. I enjoy reading but struggled my whole early childhood. I made the decision I will collect books read to him every day it might not be a full chapter book since he is only 2 years old. I enjoy reading a book with him almost every day, some days we are on the go and I forget to bring a book with us in the car. I decided to build a library in my office so that there is always a book in the house. Currently, the dog occupies my office and we need to get some shelves. I am hoping to have one up in there by the end of the year. Currently, all his books are in his room on his dresser and he loves flipping through them. I don’t think reading should ever become a dying art.

I Have a big list of books on my to be read list.  I track them all on GoodReads.

We picked up a collection of old books at our library. They are older short stories and think it be great for when my kiddo is older we can read and talk about them. With them being old I don’t like taking them out because he is rough on books right now.

The Dr. Suese books are a great collection and I recommend them to everyone. Slowly but surely we are collecting them all. There is a lot of younger children books I would like to build our home library.

  He got a lot of older children books during our 12 days of Christmas books. Open 1 book a day the 12 days before Christmas. He enjoyed unwrapping them and looking at them.