Building a home library

Since my son was born I knew I wanted him to read. I enjoy reading but struggled my whole early childhood. I made the decision I will collect books read to him every day it might not be a full chapter book since he is only 2 years old. I enjoy reading a book with him almost every day, some days we are on the go and I forget to bring a book with us in the car. I decided to build a library in my office so that there is always a book in the house. Currently, the dog occupies my office and we need to get some shelves. I am hoping to have one up in there by the end of the year. Currently, all his books are in his room on his dresser and he loves flipping through them. I don’t think reading should ever become a dying art.

I Have a big list of books on my to be read list.  I track them all on GoodReads.

We picked up a collection of old books at our library. They are older short stories and think it be great for when my kiddo is older we can read and talk about them. With them being old I don’t like taking them out because he is rough on books right now.

The Dr. Suese books are a great collection and I recommend them to everyone. Slowly but surely we are collecting them all. There is a lot of younger children books I would like to build our home library.

  He got a lot of older children books during our 12 days of Christmas books. Open 1 book a day the 12 days before Christmas. He enjoyed unwrapping them and looking at them.