My Review Pink Blush Maternity

So excited to bring you my thoughts on Pink Blush Maternity dress. When Pink Blush agreed to work with me I was kinda fangirl about the whole thing. This is my second pregnancy and maternity clothing was never anything I was thinking about. Then a friend told me about pink blush. I instantly fell in love with their clothing. I am not, what I call stylish. What I wear has to be comfortable, It lets me be able to run after my little one.

This cute Maternity Dress has me feeling cute even though the pregnancy I have not felt that way at all.

I love how Pink Blush has a clearance section. I am all about saving money and when you can get cute fashion even at clearance prices who wouldn’t want to?

I personally wear little flat sneakers with this dress. Ideas I think be cute are booties but I don’t have the coordination for that.


Pregnancy number 2 | 7-8 weeks

I don’t know if I plan on doing all updates in a blog post. I do know I will try to at least update on my youtube. So I am going to break down these weeks, based off how I feel, how the baby is doing and any plans I have going forward.

To start how I am feeling I started off being very sick feeling and drained. I am finally getting to feel less sick now that I am hitting 9 weeks on Friday.

How baby is doing. We had an appointment at 7 weeks got to see the little baby and heartbeat was good and all seems to be well.

I have an appointment next Tuesday another ultrasound and all the added fun pregnancy appointment goodness!