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Pregnancy number 2 | 7-8 weeks

I don’t know if I plan on doing all updates in a blog post. I do know I will try to at least update on my youtube. So I am going to break down these weeks, based off how I feel, how the baby is doing and any plans I have going forward.

To start how I am feeling I started off being very sick feeling and drained. I am finally getting to feel less sick now that I am hitting 9 weeks on Friday.

How baby is doing. We had an appointment at 7 weeks got to see the little baby and heartbeat was good and all seems to be well.

I have an appointment next Tuesday another ultrasound and all the added fun pregnancy appointment goodness!



The Birth Story Tag

Video from Aug/2015

Sorry for my slack of VEDA Videos!!!
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I Tag Keirsten Moore to do after her delivery and anyone who wants to Id love to see them feel free to comment below if you did this tag.
9 Month Update coming soon!
The Birth Story Tag
1. What was your due date?
2. What date did you actually give birth?
3. In the days leading up to your birth, what did you do to prepare? (i.e. classes, books, etc)
4. Did you experience any “signs” that you would go into labor soon?
5. Rate your pre-birth nervousness level on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not nervous at all and 10 being petrified.)
6. What were you doing when you went into labor/when your water broke/found out you needed a c-section?
7. Describe what a contraction feels like.
8. Did you deliver at a hospital, birth center or at home?
9. Did you have a midwife, a doctor or was your birth unassisted?
10. Who were your other supporters?
11. What were you really glad you had during your birth?
12. What types of pain management did you use? (i.e. epidural, hydrotherapy, nitrous oxide, etc.)
13. What position did you find yourself in the most?
14. Did you experience “the ring of fire”?
15. What was the first thing that popped into your head when you saw your baby?
16. What was your baby’s length and weight?
17. From first “true” labor contraction to delivery, how long were you in labor for?
18. Which was the most challenging for you; labor, pushing or recovery?
19. What one piece of advice would you give about birth to a mom-to-be?
20. Show the first ever picture of you as a new mom!